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Learn academic English, learn the language of work and business, or just increase discussion skills by learning a new language. School Mill English has classes and schools for you.

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We are not exactly an ordinary company that provides English courses. The fact is that in addition to providing standard platforms for studying, tutors, group classes, we are engaged in the translation of narrowly specialized, technical literature and documentation.

Self-study and Live Practice

5 levels - Elementary to Proficiency
Learning materials, practice activities & tests
Combine real life situations and learning
Master classes, group and individual classes

General English Courses

In general English, you attend 20 courses a week, which will give you a practical understanding of English and guide you to the end. Your trust will improve as we teach you all four communication skills: speech, hearing, reading and writing.

Exams & Education

Do you want to have access to the education of your dreams? Our English Academic course will prepare you for success in an English-speaking university environment. Do you have to pass the official exam? We can give you the skills and trust to succeed with the test preparation courses.

English for Business

If you want to feel confident at international conferences or work in a foreign company, choose this course that will significantly improve your English business skills.

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Study Plan
From $180/per month
Enables self-learning from scratch. Interactive practice includes group classes, and one lesson with a tutor per week
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Pro Plan
From $260/per month
Enables self-learning from scratch. Interactive practice includes all services of the student plan package, as well as additional lessons with a tutor (up to 5 lessons per week)
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